Mitchell D. Miller

Tampa, FL 33624

Web developer with diverse programming experience and awesome references.

Recent Work History

MHG Publishing 12/1507/17 Tampa, FL 33624

Lead Developer

  • Convert printed books, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Publisher files to .
  • Setup / maintain development and production servers with , , .
  • Setup / maintain Web sites with , , .

Quality Futures United 10/1512/15 Tampa, FL 33618

Lead Developer

  • Successor to The World Yacht Group. Setup / maintained Web sites with , .
  • Setup / maintained development and production servers with , , .

The World Yacht Group 4/1510/15 Tampa, FL 33618

Lead Developer

  • Added virtual and drop shipped products to sites with .
  • Developed to find Amazon products.
  • Developed with for search engines.
  • Revised WordPress plugins to fix bugs. Managed plugin updates to use fixed plugins.
  • Setup / maintained Linode VPS with daily database backups and Git repositories.
  • Setup / maintained development and production servers with , , .
  • Managed / maintained WordPress sites on production server.

Professional Consulting Services 6/136/15 Tampa, FL 33619


  • Performed PHP Help desk support for Internet Service Provider. Troubleshooting, programming, tests, installations, updates.
  • Secured hacked WordPress sites, removed vulnerabilities.
  • Developed Quick Mail , to send email with attachment from WP Dashboard. Includes Spanish translation.

OuiBox, LLC 11/1005/13 Lexington, KY 40509

Lead Developer

  • Administrator of server for with 23,000 members.
  • Developed and sites with designer.
  • Converted Online Spanish Language School from Ruby on Rails to , with three programmers, one artist. Added features with custom .
  • Created 200 for a WordPress site. Distributed as an and . system converted results to affiliate links from Amazon, Linkshare, CJ, Pepperjam.
  • Developed one-click custom coupon sales using . Worked with one designer/programmer and one artist to create coupon system using .


of Sociopathic Surgeon . ISBN 978-1-62314-294-0
Sun Certified Programmer (1.4)
Conversant in
Blogging at Where Did My Brain Go?