Mitchell D. Miller

Greetings from Tampa, Florida.

I’m Mitchell David Miller. My parents named me after Mitch Miller, the host of Sing Along with Mitch. I use my middle initial to distinguish myself from my famous namesake.


A perfect day begins with a leisurely bicycle ride. My anti-inflammatory diet powers me around local bicycle paths.

Tampa Bay’s endless summer, stunning scenery, and well-kept paths make it perfect for biking and outdoor fun.

I’m going to a better place
Than I have ever passed,
Where all the roads go downhill
And the pavement’s smooth as glass.
– Thelma Popp Jones, The Lure of the Open Road


I self-published my award-winning novel, Sociopathic Surgeon, in 2012. I am working on a memoir.

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I love programming computers! My late wife Jayne encouraged me to study programming at NYU in 1982.

I also enjoy adding cool stuff to websites. Clients like my work.


I am not accepting new jobs. My days are devoted to cycling and writing my memoir.

Mitchell D. Miller riding a bicycle across a pedesterian bridge in Saint Petersburg, Florida.


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