Audit Companion Macro Language Reference
Audit Companion's Macro Language allows users to save keystrokes to a file which can be replayed on demand. AC limits each macro to 250 keypresses or mouse clicks. However, individual macros can be joined together to exceed this limit.
Universal Commands
<Alt+M> Begin a new macro or append to current macro
<Alt+S> Saves current macro
<Alt+L> Load and play a saved macro
<Alt+P> Play current macro
<Ctrl+Break> Cancel macro recording or playback
Recording Commands
<Ctrl+F10> Enter message to display during macro
<Alt+Q> Display message and give user a chance to exit the macro
<Alt+J> Join to another macro
<Ctrl+X> From main menu, exit at alarm time
<Alt+F10> One second pause
<Alt+F9> Sounds a "beep"
<Ctrl+F1> - <Ctrl+F9> Plays one of nine internal "tunes"
<Alt+1 - <Alt+9> Plays one of nine external "tunes" from TUNEn.AC files
Macro Tips
Command line to start a macro automatically
Start recording new macros at the main menu so they are easy to play back. Macros can produce undesirable results when they are replayed in a different place, under unknown conditions.