Emergency Room Companion

The Emergency Room Companion (ERC) is a chart management system for emergency room physicians.

How It Works

ERC provides an administrator with sixty “templates” for common Emergency Room visits. For example: “congestive heart failure” and “motor vehicle accident.”

Some items, like “motor vehicle accident,” include “major” and “minor” subclasses.

The administrator edits these templates, which are plain text files, to suit their department’s needs.

ERC templates contain the full diagnostic protocol, so each patient receives standardized care.

Other Benefits

  • Legible multipart charts printed on a dot matrix printer.
  • View histories without calling the medical records department.
  • Transmit copies of the chart to all the attendings.
  • Extremely detailed charts with minimal effort.

Fee for Service

ERC offers an additional benefit for emergency rooms that bill on fee-for-service.

Emergency room receivables typically rise 25-30% using ERC, because ERC helps physicians produce legible, complete charts.

ERC Charts Win Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

ERC charts become even more valuable when recording deaths or unusual circumstances.

ERC charts are better because a chart cannot be printed until all procedures have been performed and recorded.